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Jiangsu Nuclear Power 1E High and Low Voltage Switchgear Engineering Technology Research Center

Result Introduction


1. The waterproof top cover of high and low voltage switchgear not only meets the requirements of ventilation and heat dissipation, but also meets the requirements of IP41;

2. Combined contact device, rated current up to 5000A, suitable for high current kyn28-12 switchgear and VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker;

3. The assembly and disassembly tooling of plum blossom contact solves the difficulties of contact installation and disassembly;

4. The research on internal fault arc resistance of switchgear has achieved phased results and passed the test. It has reached the domestic maximum parameters of 35kV, 31.5KA, 1s, exceeding the requirements of State Grid Corporation of China.

5. The valve mechanism of high voltage switchgear solves the problems of insulation, flexibility and reliability, and has been industrialized.

6. The contact box of high voltage switchgear has solved the problems of insulation, contact heat dissipation and general standardization, and has been industrialized.

7. The safety interlock mechanism of high voltage movable switchgear adopts man-machine interface and preventive interlock, which is simpler and more reliable and has been industrialized.

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Patent certificate of contact box Patent certificate for valve mechanism invention Patent certificate for safety locking mechanism of metal armored removable switchgear Patent certificate of opening and closing valve mechanism Patent certificate for assembly and disassembly tooling of switch plum blossom contact


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