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Jiangsu Nuclear Power 1E High and Low Voltage Switchgear Engineering Technology Research Center

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The company introduces advanced software and hardware facilities, computer-aided design software, mechanical design using SolidWorks 3D software, electrical design using superworks special electrical design software, hardware configuration of the original imported multi station turret CNC punch, CNC bending machine, CNC bus production line, CNC shearing machine, CNC multi-function engraving machine, digital display power frequency withstand voltage test bench, CNC bending machine, CNC bus bar production line Advanced machine tools and test equipment, such as computer switch characteristic tester, multi-functional electrical test bench, digital display coating thickness gauge, greatly improve the efficiency and level of design and development, and meet the needs of production and research and development.

At present, with the company's technical, production and management strength, it can produce 3000 sets of low-voltage switchgear, 2500 sets of medium voltage switchgear and 3500 sets of medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker annually.

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Numerical control punch E2000 CNC bus bending machine Bending machine 520032
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Multi function bus processing machine Numerical control punch 2044ez CNC bus punching and shearing machine


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