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Power Quality Inspection Service

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With the continuous development of economy and technology, a large number of power electronic devices and nonlinear loads are connected into the power system, which makes the power quality problem particularly obvious and serious.

The engineering technology research center of Jiangsu Huaguan Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. is a third-party testing and evaluation organization specialized in power quality consulting, power quality testing and power quality evaluation.

CNAs certification experimental center is set up in the group. Relying on CNAs certification experimental center, the power quality assessment organization carries out the detection and evaluation business, detects and analyzes the power quality of medium and low voltage distribution network equipment, and provides customers with scientific and accurate power quality detection service and a fair and reliable one-stop comprehensive solution.

The engineering technology research center focuses on finding and solving the problems of power application for customers, provides reliable and accurate data analysis, detection and evaluation reports for enterprises, and provides consulting services for enterprise power construction and power related energy saving and consumption reduction. According to the situation of prediction evaluation and monitoring evaluation, it can provide professional power quality solutions, so as to help customers eliminate the problems Power waste and blind power quality improvement cost make investment more accurate and effective.

Our services include:

1. Power quality test of power consumption enterprises;

2. Test and evaluation of power quality improvement effect of power quality control device;

3. Background harmonic test of power supply system;

4. Power quality assessment for new and expanded users;

5. Power quality test of wind power and photovoltaic power station grid access point.

1、 Testing materials to be provided by customers

Test point name, voltage level and system wiring mode;

Test point Pt transformation ratio, CT transformation ratio, minimum short circuit capacity of bus, power consumption protocol capacity of load, installation capacity of power supply equipment.

2、 Test and evaluation basis

1. Allowable deviation of power quality and supply voltage GB12325-2008
2. Power quality voltage fluctuation and flicker GB12326-2008
3. Power quality harmonics of public power grid GB/T14549-1993
4. Power quality inter harmonics of Public Power Grid & nbsp GB/T24337-2009
5. Power quality allowable unbalance of three-phase voltage GB/T15543-2008
6. Power quality allowable deviation of power system frequency GB/T15945-2008
7. General requirements for power quality monitoring equipment GB/T19862-2005
8. Verification regulation of power quality test and analysis DL/T24337
9. Technical management regulations on power quality of power system & nbsp DL/T1198-2013
10. Technical requirements for grid connection of photovoltaic system GB/T19939-2005
11. Grid interface characteristics of photovoltaic (PV) system GB/T20046-2006

3、 Power quality measurement equipment

a a a

4、 Test content

According to the national power quality standard test, and according to the test content, the power quality test report in line with the national and industry standards is issued, and the preliminary power quality problem solution is given.

5、 Test case

1. One of the world's top 500 manufacturers of comprehensive automobile and industrial products in Germany

2. A German manufacturer of chassis and engine metal parts

3. A national tourism and leisure center in Changzhou, China's top 500

4. One of China's top 10 real estate holding enterprises in Changzhou

5. A broadcasting technology Co., Ltd. in Changzhou

6. A large-scale solar photovoltaic grid connected project in Liyang

7. Sino Japanese joint venture (Changzhou) a large Copper Co., Ltd

8. A large chemical and textile enterprise in Changzhou

9. Comprehensive management project of power distribution room in a 3A hospital in Shanghai

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